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Misfuelling represents a significant problem nowadays. Every fifth person filled diesel engine with petrol at least once in their lives, while every second person knows someone who did it. The estimation of misfuelling occurences goes up to a quarter of a million per year. As the popularity of diesel cars has increased during the last decade, the problems and associated costs of misfuelling have become a serious concern for private car owners, company fleet managers and motoring groups.


SoloDiesel is a unique patent solution brought to you to protect your diesel-powered car from being filled with the wrong fuel.

Function of SoloDiesel

SoloDiesel is a tank fuel cap that physically prevents entering of a narrower petrol nozzle into your diesel aperture with a wider diameter. This applies to all countries where according to standard EN 13012, the narrower petrol fuel nozzles have standard diameter of 21mm, while the wider diesel fuel nozzles have diameter of 25mm.

SoloDiesel is designed in seven different types to fit different apertures of diesel cars.

Benefits of SoloDiesel

SoloDiesel is easy to install and once fitted to your filler neck, it becomes your permanent guard. You can finally loose your fear of misfuelling ever again.

Easy filling system for faster refuelling

Beside protection against a costly mistake SoloDiesel also enables another function that supports our daily fast-paced lifestyle. Its design follows the Formula 1 style – easy filling system where you don’t have to unscrew the tank cap but just insert the nozzle and fuel faster. The protection flap is already integrated in the cap’s interior.

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