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What is Bio4Fresh?

Bio4Fresh is a natural air purifier which absorbs and eliminates unpleasant odours and moisture. It is environmental-friendly and it doesn’t affect people’s health in any way. It is 100% natural and completely fragrance-free (odourless) and therefore doesn’t just conceal unpleasant odours like other cheap air fresheners do. Instead, it eliminates odour molecules and toxins from the environment.


Bio4Fresh is an ecological product, based on nanotechnology and an award winner in innovation fairs in Geneva (Switzerland), Celje (Slovenia) and Nürnberg (Germany).

How does it work?

This specially processed volcanic rock absorbs odour molecules like a sponge and stores them in invisible tiny channels and pores. One spoonful of this rock has so many cavities that the hollowed surface could cover the area of a football pitch.

A sachet starts absorbing odour molecules as soon as the protective seal is removed. The effect is noticeable within one hour; however the full extent of the effect is evident within few days.

Where it can be used?

The bags are intended for general use in: cars, trucks, caravans and boats, refrigerators, freezers, lockers, changing rooms, storage boxes, bags, suitcases, drawers ... footwear, so practically everywhere in daily life where one comes across odours or humidity. It even neutralizes the odours of pets and furniture.

It eliminates odours and moisture from cooking, household rubbish, toilets, clothing and footwear, sports equipment, changing rooms, smoking, pets, paints and varnish, new furniture, cellars, cars, boats, camping trailers as well as air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

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