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About Us

Alara, d.o.o. is member of a larger group with long lasting experience in the fields of trading, marketing and market consulting oriented towards the global market. Our company consists of a variety of specialists in the field of development, production, marketing and sales strategy. We specialize in the process of transforming an innovation into a branded product followed by its distribution to the end customer.

As a general distributor of a revolutionary new product called SoloDiesel, a fuel tank cap designed for diesel vehicles which prevents wrong fuelling (misfuelling) and distributor of Bio4Fresh a natural air purifier, we have established a wide area distribution network of dealers and partners worldwide.

We are trying to be a firm bridge between the market needs on the one hand and on the other hand to provide solutions, ideas and innovations; while doing so, we always try to have in mind a bright future for the next generations on this planet.

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